Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The last jokes of MJ (Michael Jackson)

A guy on sky news just said "I think Michael Jackson touched more people
than Princess Diana did."

Did you hear Michael Jackson died? With all that plastic surgery they are
not sure whether to have a funeral or a Tupperware party!

The coroner does not think Jackson's death is due to the good times. He is
however, blaming the boogie.

The hospital will not be able to dispose Michael Jackson's body until
Tuesday, because it not recycling week this week.

Apparently CPR is not as easy as ABC.......

Micheal Jackson has died. To commemorate his musical achievements
Mcdonalds have released the 'mcjackson burger'.. Its a 50 year old piece of
aged albino meat shoved between two 8 year old buns..

Michael Jackson on his death bed requested that his ashes be packaged into
a box of rice bubbles, so he can have the feeling of going through a 10
year old's ass one more time!

Micheal Jackson was found dead in the Hudson River...bobbing up and down
on a buoy.

The paramedic with the defibrelator "I Said You Wanna Be Startin'
Somethin'. You Got To Be Startin' Somethin'"

Why did Micheal Jackson die aged 50 doesn't plastic last 500 years?

Micheal Jackson did not die of a heart attack, it was an allergic reaction
to eating 12 year old nuts!!

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