Saturday, September 18, 2010


aside so beauty is Qi Xiaoyan implementation debridement

aside so beauty is Qi Xiaoyan implementation debridement, the necrotic ulcers Qi Xiaoyan places waist surgery. video Qi Xiaoyan cut off a piece of meat so wide, cm wide skin, not afraid of long, there herve leger is no flexibility in how to do, hard to take hook hook up. afraid broke away, and then a row of small sewing needle, a total of four-pin, is to make it long on. aside Fortunately, after excision of necrotic skin, Qi Xiaoyan The wound gradually benefit the development of hospitals and Qi Xiaoyan beauty were relieved, but Qi Xiaoyan waist abdomen was left up to more than cm of the scar, and herve leger dress because removal of skin necrosis in the left flank, leading to the waist asymmetry . video Qi Xiaoyan on both sides of waist asymmetry, there are large and small, can leave the scars needle. narration Qi Xiaoyan before surgery was .
feet waist, about . feet after surgery is indeed a bit thin, but her body and mind for this, leaving it will never erase the scars. As the waist damaged skin tissue, has -year-old Qi Xiaoyan, in recent years will be unable to have children. host is the mistaken belief that beauty ads, the patient brings a special personal injury. the face of such consumers should be many, we, as a professional plastic surgeon, have any good suggestions can remind them? Ma Jiguang this price is a bit patient, a very important point is to do this kind of formal medical institutions for cosmetic plastic herve leger bandage dress surgery, do not blindly follow the advertising or the very beginning that sentence, rational treatment. Wang Jiaqi I that cosmetic surgery is done, the beauty of the heart in everyone. This thing could increasingly develop better, as long as the majority of those who demand the U.S.


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