Tuesday, September 28, 2010


because the vast deep and appear very low

because the vast deep and appear very low; color deeper water, the water layers with Diego Diego to low throughout, but each one is independent natural steep hill peak, so the following songs back to quiet water, looked lonely so mysterious, so people day of low clouds dark eyes are always perceptive picture of lonely mountains. no signs, no image of the forest creatures extremely dense, but not wild, they grow quiet people, the impression of christian louboutin quiet breathing. Irish landscape has a a kind of an island of incomparable flavor, which is the heart of Celtic music to bring people image. that there is overlap in the christian louboutin shoes acoustic music, legend-like echo, a misty chant, the chorus has Kuangyuan.
in instrumental music, the harp and the Celtic bagpipes are the most common characteristics of musical instruments, their singing with the Celtic, flow the same or connected glowing sound temperament. Later, it further demonstrated the sound qualities in a number of new instruments in mm in the modern the effect of electronic music echoes overlap, christian louboutin sale in the electric organ and acoustic divergence in obscurity. mind and imagination, these two things in Celtic music is so important; have the lyrics, there often will be the natural, religious, myths and legends, or are mine deep, color blur, image overlap of lines, to deepen the music of this image. of up Celtic folk melody is a medieval-style tune, with little ornamentation, and less inter-jump type of road; it gently to the development of a simple maneuver, which have a false sense of melody and a sense of passage.


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