Sunday, September 26, 2010


But the skills to make the value of skilled sublimation

but she always give people impressed. glittering: Angelina. Jolie's makeup has never been not to allow yourself to become abnormal beautiful, but loyal to himself, that is, individuals who herve leger an not imitate characteristics. because of a huge eye-catching of the lips, she will use micro-smoked eye make to enhance their own deep sense of when to avoid Yan without The superficial impression. it to her to learn: soft micro-smoked Eye Angelina. Jolie and her pupil color similar to Asians, it is worth to follow. Our eyes bone without her deep, dark blue and dark green used to do washes, the effect will be very prominent. top finishing touch: mixed with dark blue eye shadow powder eye shadow gray, and then reconcile the two moisturizing cream, and finally get a kind of moist and with a blue-gray herve leger dress olor of eye shadow cream
will be an unexpected luxury misty effect. and it is easier on the makeup, eye makeup and make a more lasting. can complete a black mascara, then Brush with colored eye shadow color similar to mascara, only brush the tip of the lashes part, make you look more sexy. model stars in the second Jessica. Jessica Parker. Parker of the United States is most controversial, her face rather long and is fair to say there is a little man, but at least she can make people feel cute and innocent, no doubt, also can not find all herve leger bandage dress ctress like her makeup master of. glittering: her makeup and dress is always a perfect match, giving the overall feeling of a bright, but her face is too long people ignore the problem. really understands how to use the bottom light and dark makeup colors and blush colors to soften the hard lines of the face. this to her study: ultra perfect-looking finish tips perfect looking finish is the key level


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