Sunday, September 26, 2010


Foundation can take to enhance the outline of mouth

foundation can take to enhance the outline of mouth, nose level, but if the only powder, usually let-looking finish into a the trick is in the forehead and cheekbones can focus christian louboutin light on the face of these high places, there is glitter in the powder brush. Jessica. Parker's face is rather long, so she's way sweep blush ; round sweep. Scarlett. Johnson is no shortage of Hollywood's most beautiful, if not personal characteristics, it is easy to drown in the sea of humanity, but Scarlett With rare classical temperament on to establish his own unique style. glittering: she is the most know how to use christian louboutin shoes hair a plus for the makeup of stars, deliberately exposing the forehead hair, so Scarlett's temperament is more elegant. luxurious, full lips are one of Scarlett feature of most amazing is that Scarlett style change only the color can be achieved through the lips. this to her study: create the most out of the beauty of color lip her lips the color of change into a charming pink
sweet and sexy to become the whole person, about the ecstasy of the Lips skills Scarlett varied styles, and we need to learn. top finishing touch: Scarlett's lips What is so impressive is that her delicate face and perfectly clear white eye makeup of the foil. want to have chiseled lips, lips flapping week and to powder Dingzhuang layer of powder, and then Lip color. chin a little radiance of the powder brush, but also set off the lips. Beauty christian louboutin sale News Portal, , Ten lords beauty industry network of selected activities are the views of a large number of users collected. Like Huang Lei


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