Thursday, September 16, 2010


I Renshi's a patient

I Renshi's a patient, he is the very fact that this surgery affected his appearance, the latter had very bad. host I just do not understand how a grinding method of mandible? Wang Jiaqi P90X face a variety of fat factors, some whole face was fat, that is obese, has a buccal fat pad and more, then there is a large lower jaw bone, we call a square face. you get the hospital point of view, what factors in the end you face fat, first rule out the disease, then See what we see you make another film for the mandible is not large, the proportion with your body is not symmetrical. There are like Abstract fat pad, the fat and take off on the trip, do p90x workout not have to move the bones, and finally the bones do surgery, because the most complex operation.
host I have had communicated a dental doctor, he said this place is not good if the Abstract, which may threaten the lives of adults. Wang Jiaqi possible blood vessels may be here, there may be bleeding. host that is the method we choose to face-lift must be careful. Wang Jiaqi must be careful, be sure to go to the hospital, so that the experienced doctor to p90x dvd set check you , take a look at how many saw, not to say that the number of saws to saw how much was nerves and blood vessels to avoid false fat pad to remove the number, leave young fat pad only to old to die. So do some face-lift surgery be careful, have to do when he was young, older the do the other things there that sagging of the facial aging. host, but some friends would think that the face of small spots, is intolerable, Thus a wide range of speckle advertising is adopted. Let's see how to say. that take spot.


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