Saturday, September 18, 2010


In addition, a reasonable diet is also important

In addition, a reasonable diet is also important, time to eat with meat and vegetarian dishes, nutritionally balanced, are essential. stay up late and P90X sleep is healthy skin enemy. sleep before every night to ensure that adequate sleep is to keep skin healthy the simplest and most effective way. clean skin thoroughly after outdoor activities, clean face is repeated several times every day skin care measures. rinse can be used, you can also pour boiling water in the basin, bowing to the basin, a few minutes to allow steam fumigation face, soothing the skin pores open, then wiping the face cleanser, and gently massage, and then use warm water wash and coated with moisturizing emollients of skin p90x workout care products. There is also the right to do some facial massage, soft membrane surface covered skin.
skin care products to moisture autumn weather is relatively dry, So the best choice of skin care products with moisturizing function, should be chosen with the moisturizing effect of skin care products rather than oil-based skin care products. replenishment within the body is the highlight of the fall for the skin replenishment. woke up each morning a couple of drinks warm water, a cup can add a little salt to a slight salty as appropriate. folk have porridge in the evening drinking fruit p90x dvd set juices or diluted milk. autumn sun is still very important and strong ultraviolet fall, but summer is not suitable for sunscreen use in the fall, the fall can choose a lower number of SPF products, SPF between and in the more appropriate, there are a lot of sunscreen products currently on the market both moisturizing function, so much the better.


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