Tuesday, September 28, 2010


into seven 80's

into seven 80's, artists no longer upset about the differences between artistic styles, they divided into two Dade P90X camps: one camp Bijiaojianchi Chuan Tong Yue Feng, Tong Shi orchestration Shangye Bu exclusion Yunyongdianzi He Cheng devices Huo new and emerging technologies; Ling Yi camp Waixing on Leisipengke, Hui Gui Street performers of .
This latter class groups to is both the most traditional folk band the same time the simple thought into the style p90x workout of punk groups debut album, . then, the band released by Elvis. Examination Taylor made the controversial album, their style of quirky, gender inversion; alcohol and drugs hidden under the appearance of a miniature of the bottom of society, but also simple to use plain language description p90x dvd set of various political mood, the attitude of people give up on themselves to very strong sense of vent. and around the world-famous Irish singer Sydney. O'Connor, in particular the first album, works Tenom have wonderful harmonies, traditional and contemporary electro-acoustic orchestration losing, members Mara.


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