Sunday, September 26, 2010


More of the industry to create an atmosphere of common progress

more of the industry to create an atmosphere of common progress, the selection committee uphold the principle of open justice, the mainstream media by the beauty industry beauty portal, hosting the beauty industry Ten herve leger lords online election. selected events page , one or more candidates have the following characteristics: . beauty agency leaders or business people at high levels; . in the beauty industry is outstanding contributions to agency performance or significant: If the proposed Creative Innovation of management, business model or marketing tool; . love and devotion, in the beauty industry leadership positions agent made an extraordinary deeds; . personal experience or conduct, represents the social development, social value orientation and the spirit of the times; , activity schedule: , Publication stage: September , to December , elite herve leger dress beauty industry through the following two ways to the selection, and the organizing committee official portal web site beauty show personal style charm. a, users recommend recommended by friends, we will meet the standard of the candidates stand upload to the Internet, on display. users recommend the candidates to be informative, including: personal profiles, photos, stories in , recommended, reasons, information delivery channels include: Internet, phone and mail, and b, self-registration Participation Select
①, online registration, and stands for complete information on online beauty portal application. ②, phone registration, the elite agents in the beauty industry for the selection of information and herve leger bandage dress intention to participate in this activity, through the phone by the work fill in the information officer candidates, to meet the requirements can be.


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