Thursday, September 16, 2010


now that these two basic

now that these two basic , like other materials research is not yet mature, not daring to use. host a water gel, one autologous fat, both of which affect the human body which large? Wang Jiaqi christian louboutin basically injury Among the complications of surgery is, what infections, wounds, trauma, may also appear on the gel reaction, this reaction is that this principle can be taken out if there is reaction. host just now we see the ads, saying a needle injection, permanent breast enhancement, you can achieve permanent results? Wang Jiaqi Feng permanent breast is live, but do not know what injection. host occur if the material with the reaction of the body, then what possible situation? Wang Jiaqi If rejection, the consequences are very serious, and take also take no clean breast would have decayed. host really want to sort of situation, but opposite the. there are some friends want their breasts to larger, but the smaller the better face. We christian louboutin shoes found that advertising on the face-lift surgery, also said a special God.
Let's take a look. that a face-lift to ensure effective, fat, muscle removed not liposuction, does not take fat pad, not massage, three months will become increasingly thin. I really quite strange, does not do anything, how could face more and more thin. Ma Jiguang see from this ad , is the mandibular angle surgery, casual way to describe out. host what is christian louboutin sale the mandibular angle surgery? Ma Jiguang so-called face-lift and removal of the mandibular angle is to resolve this operation. This operation actually very complex, and fat and muscle surgery without Quchu, long time of shrinking natural Hui. Qu a, then some time Chansheng adverse effects, and a yes Shoushudangzhong bleeding are more then a Kenengsunshang Shen Jing.


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