Thursday, September 16, 2010


Some say a new minimally invasive

Some say a new minimally invasive, three-dimensional wrinkles, eyes, nasolabial fold, forehead on the mentioned one time. there is a gentle needle permanent wrinkles, with their P90X own young cells to beautify the aging face. I found this one to see if, once completed, or permanent terms, I am afraid that many women had to ask the beauty salon. This may be you? Ma Jiguang this new minimally invasive , literally can do a kind of endoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery subject to certain limitations, many patients are not suitable, and nasolabial fold is still difficult to solve. to face a host may remove all wrinkles you? Maji Guang may complete a more difficult. host a needle is gentle, he said how is it? fight what? Ma Jiguang play might be some artificial materials, our hospital do not advocate the kind of artificial material injection, and he said that to maintain a permanent, it p90x workout would be difficult, because aging is not only wrinkles but also on facial sagging problems, the time of surgery, not surgery, can not solve this facial aging. This young cells appeared in China in recent two years, a technique imported from the United States.
The so-called youth cell is purely superficial fiber cells in cells, can secrete proteins with salt and pepper. injected into the body later to fill in wrinkles level, but does not mean that all people can meet, such as older, and the skin loose, and it may effect a p90x dvd set short time remains to be seen. host filling in our professional organization things, and surgical methods What are? Wang Jiaqi said first wrinkle, wrinkles are a natural phenomenon, but old people will appear, some comrades can not be reconciled, it is necessary to addition to wrinkles


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